Feb. 2nd, 2007

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For the days leading up to the holiday, Aislinn fretted quietly inside. It seemed mildly intrusive somehow, to work the energy of her people, her faith, in someone else's home. The TARDIS was empathic and there really wasn't any way to shield what she was doing. That would somewhat ruin the point of it all. Asking wasn't out of the question, of course, but she wasn't sure how to explain it necessarily, and besides, it really was mostly personal. More than that, it was something she needed to do in light of everything else.

In the end, she gave up on waiting and procrastinating and just made her preparations. She tried to explain to the TARDIS what she was doing, so it wouldn’t be alarmed by the candles. A bonfire seemed a bit extreme, but since she couldn’t get home, it was the best she could do for now. The TARDIS seemed to understand, and even nudged her in the direction of things she needed, but hadn’t found yet. There was a sense of peace, of relief in that.

The broom wasn’t quite the right sort, but it was close enough. There wasn’t really any wheat, but she had actually thought to bring some of that, knowing how close the day was. Most of her little rituals were loosely structured. She had no need to cast a circle or dedicate anything to the Goddess. Brigid was practically her aunt after all, and if nothing else a cousin of sorts if one traced their fathers back to Danu, which was fairly easy for them both, and really all of that was more for humans anyway.

But they shared the day, and for a Leanan Sidhe to be born on the day of the Goddess of poetry was an auspicious occasion. Her father had been pleased, he told her on the occasion of her sixteenth birthday. Her mother had tried to figure out how to use it to her best advantage. Brigid had brought wonderful gifts that Aislinn still carried close to her heart. If a demi-goddess could have a patron goddess, she had always looked to Brigid for her own guidance, and today was no different.

There were so many new things pushing up through the soil in her life. The Doctor, first and foremost and always, but Byron, too, in the changes going on in him, the reversion back, it seemed, possibly, to the boy she had once known, with a light in his eyes and hope and new endeavors. There were new worlds to see and new paths to walk and everything felt fresh.

It was a new year. It was the first heralding of the coming of spring back on Earth, and even if she couldn’t feel it here, she knew. It meant far more than the human markings of the change of the calendar. This was the time of growth and renewal, and the Maiden became the Bride.

After lighting her incense of basil, heather, cinnamon and vanilla, Aislinn carefully swept out her room, concentrating on each sweep of the broom, making it ritual, eyes closed as she looked deep. There was terror in embarking on something new, but with confessions that had tumbled out, she knew at least that she had to face it in one area, and grow. There were cobwebs of the old, shadows that lurked where light didn’t go. Kieran, for one, and was it any wonder that she would think of him on this day, remembering the greatest gift he’d given and how she had repaid him for it? She swept more than the already clean floors required, taking the time to examine herself closely, the self she tried to ignore in most ways, because the self had so little place in the calling of her people.

There was newness there, too, learning herself, learning to speak up, growing to embrace her own goals, her own dreams, and stepping away a little from living only for those of others. Putting the broom aside, she lit a candle for each one, until she was surrounded by a circle of them. She settled in the center, fingers deftly weaving the equal armed cross to hang over her door, over the door of the TARDIS if it and the Doctor would let her. The movements were steady, soothing, familiar and she fell into the rhythm of the weaving, humming a soft song Brigid had taught her on her fifth birthday. It wasn’t Tara, and she wouldn’t see the rising sun lighting the passages her ancestors had laid, but that was all right.

This was home now, and so she concentrated on pulling that light into it and sending a wave of freshness and boundless inspiration and energy through the whole, smiling at the sense of well-being and approval that came back. Everything was going to be amazing.


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