Jun. 29th, 2007 10:59 am
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Your triumph is mine. I have none separate from what and who I am, cannot even think what such a "triumph" would be. But that which is wound in with yours is all I ask for. Every time an agent expresses interest, that is my triumph as well. The signing. The book contract. The thrill you feel when your fingers caress the cover of your newly published masterpiece. The tears that fall at each good review. The joy when the book creeps higher on the best seller list.

The elation when you hear your song on the radio. The platinum album. The gallery showing just for you. The major purchase by an art collector. The fashion show that is a hit, raved about through Milan, Paris and New York. The standing ovation on opening night. The feel of the crowd, the adulation, the roses thrown on stage, just for you.

The calls for the author. The calls for an encore.

These are all mine as much as yours. They are my moments of joy, of seeing the success that I drove you to, the heights you have attained with my assistance. These moments would not exist without me and those like me. We are your muse. Your inspiration. We are the voice that whispers in your dreams and the push that eases you from idea to expression. We. I. You. I. We.

It is ours, together, and it is good.


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