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A bargain is a delicate thing, carefully woven. It takes trust; it takes faith. I stand there, wherever there is, be it in your imagination or a smoky bar or in the middle of a crossroads where you can swear you hear Robert Johnson playing in the night air, and I wait. There is a longing, a desire that leads to an offer and a warning. Without acceptance, no bargain can be reached, and without full knowledge, there can be no acceptance.

Some nights you walk away, and you never look back, running on your luck until you're standing cold in hand and wishing you'd made another choice. But others you smile, you think of that dream and what it means to you, and you accept, perhaps thinking that your juju will keep you safe, perhaps thinking nothing at all but of that glory surely bound your way.

A bargain is struck. I give my gifts; I build your gifts; I let them mingle and merge in a symphony that lingers through history like the haunting amalgam of the harmonica and guitar. You soar higher than you ever dreamed, and I watch you and wait for you and keep you afloat.

I spend myself on you, in you, helping the creations come to life. I trust that you will keep your end of the bargain, you see. I believe in you. Most of the time you treat me like some back door friend, and I don't mind. I'll be that girl for you until the time comes and we're at the crossroads again, standing in the night air, listening to the music play of those that have gone before.

I never see it coming, the break, the betrayal, the gris-gris around your neck that you wave triumphantly at me, the iron loop locking me out of you as everything shatters into splinters of moments and shards of time.

It could be so simple, a communal give and take, an easy ride, mutually satisfying for us both. It doesn't have to end that way, with everything that makes you up gone into the night. There can be peace, passion, poetry, plenitude and permanence. That's the bargain we made, power and pleasure. I always keep my promises, so long as you keep yours.

But when you snap the bargain like a twig underfoot and stand there in your cast circle, teeth white and flashing, and thinking you've found the loophole, remember I always get what's due me.

There are no loopholes.

The bargain? Protecting it from its own fragility? That's just in your best interest.


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