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She started it up again when I came home with Devin. It was "too bad" I'd birthed a half-mortal whelp, but at least it showed I could breed. I swear to Danu, that was the term she used. I'd proven myself as a Leanan Sidhe, crafting several masterful artists who spanned five decades, and now it was time. All would be forgiven, she told me, as if I had committed a mortal sin in bonding with him, though I think she might have meant Devin, not Byron.

Jewels were woven through my hair, and she went so far as to paint my lips. She dared not use a crown, but a diadem pressed into my forehead with an emerald I swear she spent half a day making sure matched my eyes. My dress was emerald green as well, silk and shadows, and it showed as much as it hid.

Dinner came and she paraded me through the room to the dais like a prize calf at a country fair. Midir was not amused, though his eyes softened when he gazed on me. Pity I am sure, and I could not meet his eyes. He gave leave for me to take my place at Aurelia's side, conveniently, for my mother, next to Ionatan. She drifted away with a warning look.

He looked. He had always looked, from the time I was a child. I would rather have been safe by Fergus' side, but he was on Midir's right and far from me. There were touches, as always, sliding through the silk with only the public place saving me from more, and through it all, her approving smile and hard eyes that said not to misstep.

Dinner ended, finally, and I paid my dues and the next morning I took my son and I left Bri Leith. I didn't go back for fifty more years, until I had found a way to tell them--her and him--no, and make sure they listened forevermore.
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