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What person in your muse's life, either by canon or in roleplay, has most affected their personality in your writing of them?

Byron. Without a doubt, Byron. In her own canon, she met him at 16 and stayed with him for twenty years until he died. By Sidhe standards, she was a baby then, not even a teenager, and still a child when he was gone, but those were the most formative years of her life. He was her first love, and her first kill, and that shaped her indelibly for the rest of her life.

While the work I'm doing with her spans two centuries, first with Byron, then later with her son, and even with her popping up in Midir and Keelia's novel, the fact is she never recovers fully from Byron's death. She never expected him to die by her hand, as it were. Her mother warned her about it, told her fully what she was, but she, with that firm belief of youth, was sure that he would live. That they would be different and their story would go another way.

When he died, she couldn't believe it, and the guilt nearly destroyed her. It changed her, hardened her, left her much colder, more sardonic, and very much more reserved in how truly she is capable of loving.

In RP, as well, he has shaped her, though in a different way. In their RP world, she has been his muse all her life, tied to him in his Immortal state. While there is far less guilt there, his madness has twisted her up and made her just about as crazy as he is. They're too close and too dependent and she doesn't know how else to form a relationship. It is not an exaggeration to say that he has been her entire world, and only now with the Doctor--either of them--is she finally learning to take a stand and become an autonomous being separate from Byron, which is both interesting and terrifying to both muse and mun.


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