May. 10th, 2007

alainn_aislinn: (Aislinn kitten)
(ooc: Totally 100% RP based what with the "recent" in the prompt)

Aislinn couldn't remember the last time she had smiled. She tried and she couldn't. Maybe when they played "I Never." Maybe. She wasn't certain. It was possible it went back further, to dancing in the butterfly garden, or maybe even as far back as colored lights in a library talking about butterfly people with Five.

Of course, it had been at least weeks, because kittens can't smile. Even when she was chasing feathers and chewing on booths and shredding Byron's bed curtains, she couldn't smile. She could only purr, pounce, meow. It almost didn't matter. Things were ceasing to have their fae focus and starting, instead, to appear as they did to a kitten. Smiles didn't matter to kittens, and as she lapped gently at a bowl of cream, they didn't matter much to her either.

Except when Byron raged and begged and the Doctor said he missed her being her. They mattered a little more then, and so she tried, for them. She tried to find that thread of magic that had led her into this state, so she could follow it back out, but kittens don't follow magic the same way fairies do. She could almost feel it, but she couldn't touch it, couldn't change things, couldn't close her eyes and connect with it. It made her growl, low in her throat, fur rising a bit, until she found a dust bunny to chase through the halls, which led her to Thyme and a wrestling match that led to a race and a chase and finally to the two balls of fluff curled up around each other, warm and purring.

She didn't want to be a kitten anymore, when she thought about it, but it was getting harder to hold on to that thought. She missed being her, too, when she remembered who her was.

Aislinn couldn't remember the last time she smiled, but she knew the next time would be at whoever figured out how to change her back. She held on to that thought for a little while, then she rolled over and gave Thyme a bath before going back to sleep and let such human-ish worries slide away.


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