Apr. 14th, 2007

alainn_aislinn: (You led me on with those innocent eyes)
Would you ever kill a human being?

Yes. I think we've covered this. I have. I would. I probably will again at some point. It's not malicious and their death isn't what I want, but it's nature's balance. It's what I am.

Would you ever kill a member of your own species?

No. It's a death sentence for Sidhe to kill Sidhe. Automatic, no appeal, though I suppose one could argue self-defense, but it's so very rare, I don't think anyone ever has. Men have decimated our numbers in wars too countless to number. We may be immortal if left alone, but we can be hurt, can be killed, if you know the way of it, and men in those times did. It's not so hard, really. We are both stronger and yet more fragile than we look.

More and more of our kind lose the will to hold on to this world and fade into the West, dwindling our numbers here even further. Our blood grows weaker and our species ability to survive is hampered in more ways than it has ever been. It may not be quite true that we need belief to survive, but with the destruction of the Earth by the modern world, without honor and homage, more of us lose the will to stay.

So, for those of us who do, to strike out at another of our own kind puts the entire species at risk. And while losing two is worse than one, such a person who would show no respect for the survival of the species is not one we want among us. Even Fuamnach transformed Etain rather than killing her, recall. Even with that much hatred, that much jealousy, she wouldn't break that law, and when Midir wanted her dead for that, the Dagda himself stayed his hand and ordered banishment in hopes she would reform, bring her blood back to the fold.

Killing would serve no purpose, besides. It ends suffering, and so is no fitting revenge. It leaves a gap in the bloodline and makes our children that much weaker. So, no. I'm not claiming we don't war amongst ourselves. I'm not claiming we all get along or attempting to tell you the Sidhe are never malicious or spiteful. That would be lies and futility. But our malice toward each other we find more ... creative ways of expressing that are not so distasteful and final and devastating to the species.

We are a very creative people.


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