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Does your muse engage in and/or enjoy sex? Discuss your muse's sexual behavior and conduct.

Aislinn is highly sexual, though perhaps sensual would be a more accurate description lately. I think she's only actually had sex with three people across all games and AUs I have her in in the months I've had her out and playing--Ten, Sam and Byron. That's not counting, of course, the people in my head who are also OCs from her stories who she had relationships with in her past, i.e. Keiran (Devin's father) and Fergus. Or, you know, any of her other artists through the years, but as far as RP decisions/choices go, that's it.

She's tactile. She touches everything, establishing contact that way, and she doesn't have the best boundaries about who is okay to touch and who is not, or what touching might be too intimate by another society's standards. She likes to touch and be touched and takes great comfort from the contact and connection and feels bereft without it. She cannot stand to sleep alone, and usually won't sleep unless she has someone to curl up next to, which can be funny when she sort of ends up in people's beds with absolutely no sexual intent but to be close. She and Byron do that a lot, even now, I think.

Which comm I have her in dictates things, as well. In [livejournal.com profile] theatrical_muse she is very firmly with the Doctor, and wouldn't even consider sleeping with anyone else (except, well, Five, but once that was explained to her as being BAD, she stopped overtures for that, mostly, because she didn't want to upset anyone. Though she still doesn't understand why it's so bad. But since it makes both Fivey and Ten flail, she's been a good girl. Mostly.)

In [livejournal.com profile] realmofthemuse, she's likely to be more careless with it all, because she isn't tied to anyone, and sexual energy is something she can feed off of, so why wouldn't she? She doesn't have human moral standards to say it's wrong, and if someone seems interesting and has power and energy she can draw from, well, then, why not? Though, possible plot there might have her breaking her "I don't sleep with girls" credo, interestingly enough. It's a credo I've never understood, personally, as honestly I think she's the only muse in my head who hasn't been pretty flexible with sexual orientation. Even my other straight girls aren't so adamantly adverse to experimentation, so that's a...weird sort of quirk in Aislinn, especially given that all of my other Sidhe are pretty firmly bisexual.

In [livejournal.com profile] our_magic_place, she doesn't really have a RP scenario/timeline set, so we'll see what happens there. :) I'm certainly open to most anything.

In general, she does understand monogamy and is more than capable of it when in love, but if not tied to someone, she'd probably be considered promiscuous by human standards, but then, that would be true of most of my Sidhe. It's fun. It's play. And for her and Devin, at least, it's food. She sleeps with most of the artists she inspires, sometimes physically, sometimes in their dreams--either way suits her needs for binding them to her.

She's very open to trying new things and fits herself to the person she's with. Without fitting herself to someone else's desires, if forced to be honest about her own, she's on the submissive and mildly masochistic side (which is why we keep her away from Evil!Five, *nods firmly*), and so she tends to gravitate most strongly to more dominant partners who aren't adverse to mild BDSM, though she doesn't like most major kinks, personally. Still, because of what she is, and how she pulls energy, if the person she's with wants something badly enough, she'd give in to it because their pleasure would be hers, even if it was a bit more extreme than what she instinctively likes. That's really where her as just herself/her as Leanan Sidhe tends to blur a bit and can get her into trouble--if someone feels something strongly enough, she'll pick up on that and lean toward giving into it and enjoying it, even if she hates herself for it the next morning. There's stuff she's done in the past she's not proud of, stuff she'd never want the Doctor (either of them) to know about, though part of that is what's so fun about exploring her darker side in the other games and AUs.
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Everyone keeps telling me to say what I want. To be who I am. To ask for what I need. To stop being the girl who's just trying to be what he needs.

So this is me, being me, and I'm asking you to stop.

I love him. I love the Doctor. My Doctor. And he loves me. Maybe he can't always say it, but he sometimes can, and I can feel it, and I'm the one he takes to bed at night. I know he cares very much for other people. I know he's loved people before me, and still loves them. But for right now, he's mine. We're together, me and him.

And I know that maybe what I feel doesn't matter to most people. I know that most of you probably don't even think of me as a real person with real feelings, but I have them, and I can be hurt and I can be scared and I get jealous and I feel slighted and pushed aside and like I don't even matter when you keep trying to seduce him away from me.

This is new, for both of us, and we're neither of us very good at it, and we're both trying desperately to figure out how to make it work. We mess up. We fight. We don't always say the right things, but we're together, and he hasn't left and I haven't left and we're trying.

Can't you respect that? Even if you don't like me, even if you think I don't matter, that I'm just some girl out there who doesn't really mean anything, I do mean something to him, and all of this is ripping me apart inside.

Just, please. Give us a chance. Respect the fact that he's not some free agent out there on the market, but that he has someone waiting at home who loves him. I know he's charming. I know he smiles and makes people feel special, but he's said he wants to be with me, wants to make this work, and I guess I'm asking you to respect that. To respect me, even if you don't like me.

I don't try to seduce away the people any of you care about. Please just...stop trying to take him away from me.
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Apparently the line "be careful what you wish for" applied to wish-granting fairies, too. Or whatever she was. Honestly, she should have known better. She knew the power of words. That was her domain.

But she wished it anyway, watching the Doctor lap up his cream. It wasn't confusing to be a kitten. It was relaxing and led to being snuggled and given cream and made a fuss over. There weren't any messy emotions on the level there had been.

There were sunbeams, sort of, and butterflies to chase and cream to drink where no one thought it was strange if you drank it straight.

Words have power, and she was already linked to the curse-casters, and part of the stream and flow of chaos and magic. It was in her blood, which was possibly why she had resisted until now, but she could isolate the thread, listening to its call.

But listening to it let it in, and before she could throw up any barriers to the chaos, it was there, all around her, whirling, and the world got very big.

* * *

A very small, reddish gold kitten struggled itself out of the crumpled heap of her dress, all eyes and ears and a rather disgruntled expression. She hadn't expected to not be able to control the chaos she was part of, and her whiskers twitched a bit. She tried to change herself back, but any access to magic seemed reduced, if not gone.

That was worrisome.

She wriggeld out of the folds of the dress, and headed out to find someone to help.

ooc: Yeah, I've got nothing. No idea what to do with her. And I haven't used mine and [livejournal.com profile] trickster_loki's little curse in ages. Was about time I dusted it off for my own "make day better/muse shutup about the emo" needs.

Anyone can feel free to play with her, meta or actual or what have you. I have to work all weekend, sadly, so tags may be slow, but at least she'll be a kitten and not emo-ing on me right and left. :)

And yes, that's Keelia's kitten icon for those of you who've been following for a while. Hopefully better results this time than her poor panicked "who turned me into an animal to kill me this time"?


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