Apr. 2nd, 2007

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I cannot say I have ever seen much use for them, personally. At least not really. Heaven knows I make a terrible one, and while I suppose your modern psychology would say that's because I never had proper modeling of parenting, I'm not sure I would have done much better even if I had. My mother was ambitious for a Leanan Sidhe and had her eyes on the Daoine Sidhe throne, which was never going to happen, but it fueled everything. When Aurelia's birth didn't acquire it for her, she set out plotting how to get it another way. Through a daughter seemed the most likely, since Midir had two fine young sons who were now Aurelia's half-brothers and thus too close for marriage, even among our people.

She, of course, had to make sure she had something to offer, some power that would be an asset for a political match. So, she waited until my father came to visit some centuries later and seduced him and then there was me, with all those lovely little bloodlines that, in theory, make me Midir's cousin and second cousin to the boys, but really, that's not so close as to bother anyone, and honestly, it all gets tangled up anyway in who's related to whom. My father was the first of the Leanan Sidhe, child of Danu and one of her first creations, who some say was music-pure, but that truth is lost in the mists. Others were born when magic and music mingled, but he has the Goddess' blood pure in his veins and is generally hailed as our King, should we ever be organized enough to need one instead of living among the courts of the Daoine Sidhe.

That made me her granddaughter, as Midir is her grandson through the Dagda, and, my mother thought, a perfect candidate to eventually wed Diarmuid or Ionatan. Of course, then Diarmuid met Ciaran and Ionatan and I never did more than fight like cats and dogs, so there went her plan, though Danu knows she tried to make me be more amenable. I ran away when I was 16, and she's washed her hands of me since, though she makes overtures every now and again.

My father was never around. He bedded Mother and moved on his way, back among the mortals he loves so. We have met walking the world a time or two, and he is always generous and kind when he remembers my name, which he was more wont to do after Byron rocketed to fame. He likes to brag about his daughter the "poet's muse" as if he had anything to contribute to it but one night's play.

All this to say, why would I wish to have picked someone else? The Leanan Sidhe make rather pathetic parents just by our volatile natures and need to always be moving about, doing what we do. To choose someone else would change that, for to have the parents perhaps I would have wished, I could not be Leanan Sidhe, and I like what I am, most days.

Sometimes, I suppose, I wish I might have been Aurelia, and had Midir for a father, and the mingled gifts of the Leanan and Daoine Sidhe. Somedays I think it might have been nice. There was Brigid, as well. She was kind to me when I was a child, for we shared a birthday and a love for poetry. I used to wish she would take me with her when she went, but she is a goddess in her own right, and what use did she truly have for her brother's bastard daughter's sister? The moments of kindness were enough, the carelessness with which she and Midir accepted me, and encouraged me to grow into my own person and not my mother's creation.

I am not always sure they succeeded, but it was very kind of them to try.
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The first time ever I kissed your mouth
I felt the earth move through my hand
Like the trembling heart of a captive bird
That was there at my command, my love

He made music, beautiful, haunting, compelling music. Night after night, he came to the glade that connected to my garden, and I could hear him play through the Veil. I was still grieving. I had no use for anything so beautiful. I wanted nothing to do with him, and I resisted its call. But he played as if he played for me alone, though he could not have known I even existed. It brought tears to my eyes and sent everything flying in every direction--thoughts, feelings, space and time itself--until one day I stepped through, just to see him.

He grinned a reckless grin, as if he had always been expecting me, which perhaps he had, playing so much in what the other villagers called a fairy circle, though it was really just mine. His eyes were green, like mine, and I thought mayhap he had Sidhe blood in him somewhere.

I did not wish to be charmed, but without a word, he started to play something for me, something that seemed to pull at everything inside of me, like he knew, could see all the inner corners I hid from everyone because they weren't meant to be seen. I didn't give, but he pulled anyway, shaping his song to me, and offering it back in a silent pact.

My resistance gave out more quickly than I am proud to admit. I have ever been a creature of impulse. I knew the price and so did he, and neither of us cared for that moment, that month, that year. It should have been more, we should have had more time, but things...changed. Things neither of us had bargained for that brought everything to a close much more quickly. He knew, and he held me when I tried to go, tried to protect him. He knew and he wanted, anyway. He understood what it meant, and he didn't care.

And then he was gone, and all I had were memories for months.

Then there was Devin, and I knew he had been right. It was worth it.
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What Mythical Creature are you?
Your Result: Siren

Beautiful, vengeful, and slightly manipulative, is what a siren is. Sirens are known for luring sailors in with their beautiful song, and then destroying them. Although manipulative, sirens cannot help their power, and need to make love to a human in order to become immortal. Sirens are often doomed in love and find themselves becoming bitter by neglect or abuse. Sirens are very powerful creatures, but execute exact and beautiful revenge.

What Mythical Creature are you?
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