Feb. 19th, 2007

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Aislinn loved traveling, but there was a part of her that was pleased to be home, even if just for a short visit. She had to check on Oscar after everyone had just run off and left him, stranded in this new time, with, all right, at least a fantastic house, but still.

And she missed Devin and Warren, missed seeing the way Devin glowed when Warren was around, that joy in his eyes she'd never thought she'd see there. She clung to him tightly for quite a long time until he'd tried to wriggle away, half-embarrassed by her tears when she'd barely been gone, it seemed. Certainly she'd been away less time than she had in the past.

Of course, she'd barely settled and snuggled and beamed at Alma shyly for taking such good care of her boy before she was out the door again to check on Oscar and make sure he was adjusting to this century well enough and not lonely and to bring a little inspiration to his life. Just because Byron was being demanding was no reason to neglect her other favorite charge. She eyed Devin's bike until he firmly told her no, and then eyed it a bit longer, until he hid the keys and helmet and forced her to glare, but head to Oscar's house the old-fashioned way of stepping through the Veil and exiting back on the far too snowy doorstep.

She should have worn better shoes for this.

Eyeing her sandals a bit balefully, she sighed and rang the bell, remembering to be polite and not just bounce into the house unannounced.
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*is very firmly staying in the Zero room until this and, especially this settle*


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